Sommelo Festival and Shamanviolin featured at the SONGLINES Magazine.

The one and only truly international world-music magazine SONGLINES from UK published a beautiful article about the Sommelo Festival 2014 on there latest April issue.

The Sommelo festival happens in two locations, Kuhmo in Finland and Haikola in Karelia accross the Russian border. The Haikola village itself is fully without electricity. A tiny location far from the worlds rumble. Being such a unique setting, it has become one of writer Simon Broughtons favorites from around the world.

Sommelo and Haikola gigs were my personal highlights of the 2014 festival season. Such intimacy and presence is hard to come by anywhere. In between the Kuhmo and Sommelo gigs I participated in an event at Uhtua village by the same promoter - Juminkeko foundation, that is established in order to promote knowledge of Kalevala and runesinging behind it. In Uhtua I got to visit exact locations where some of the Kalevala poems had been collected. But in the silence of Haikola, one get's to really feel what the world had been back then.

The pictures by Simon Broughton from Haikola ended up in the Songlines 2015 calendar too.