Welcome to the renewed Shamanviolin website!!

We are back at last! The Shamanviolin website is now fully renewed to serve as a direct platform where you can experience and explore the manyfolded creative world of Tuomas Rounakari.

New content will be published here exclusively as we continue to develope the site. There will be a blog focusing on mythology, shamanism, art and practices of the arctic peoples and on how to implement these practices to ones personal life here and now, wherever you are.

A very cool addition will be the Long-plays section, with new songs or versions of songs whose duration exceed 10+ minutes. Some of these new songs will give you a better opportunity to experience songs in free-meter. Music that pulsates of it’s own free will without fixed time-signatures.

These are yet to come, but for now, we invite you to explore the new photo gallery and videos section. Fill up with info on some past events and follow the upcoming events. Not forgetting the good old music player linked to CDBaby.